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Sharon Scott
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Great experience!! The kids are always excited for class, eager to learn more, and are becoming more independent. It's a very clean and bright space, with such an amazing, caring, and compassionate staff.

Bailey Anuta
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Utopia has been so amazing for our 4 yr old. He is so excited to go every week and watching his confidence and self esteem grow through each session, is incredible! Especially because he tends to be a bit shy and more observant at first. There's a great balance between group and still feeling like you get that one-on-one feedback from the coaches. We have been so impressed.

Alex Mallon
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My experience at Utopia has been awesome so far. Perry is a good leader and a good coach. He always takes the time to make sure that people feel welcome and that your first time there you’re not just another member, but part of a team.

Billy Pierce
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I've recently joined the Utopia team and couldn't be more grateful and impressed by the quality of training and the welcoming energy this Gym provides. Quickly I've gotten the sense I'm cared about as much as a person as well my improvement in BJJ. As a Veteran I highly recommend Utopia if your searching for that Team feeling that's very hard to find.

Elizabeth Riesen
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I’m so glad we found Utopia and that they offer classes starting at 3-4 years old. We love their focus on not only teaching physical skills, but also social and emotional skills for development. My son is 3 and has already learned so much. He looks forward to going to class each week and showing us what he learns. Thank you!

Sarah Albrecht
via Google

My son has had a few sessions at Utopia so far but he really seems to be enjoying it. It has been a nice addition to our routine. I was very impressed with the initial walk-in that we had to get some more information, which led to us signing up for the trial class. After his first class, we signed up for a monthly membership. The communication with everyone has been excellent. The facility is clean and has a nice area for family members to sit and watch. The most impressive aspect was the information provided about their knowledge of child development and how that plays into their approach with their classes. We are excited to see where our son will be in a month or two as he progress!

Brittany Saunders
via Google

Honestly so happy we have Utopia in our lives. The coaches have made such an amazing impact on our family. They encourage not only our child but the whole family to continue to do better. Our daughter has been able to build confidence in herself and her abilities. The coaches truly help each kid in their individual growths and developments and motivate them to pursue their next desires.

Tori Saunders
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It isn't easy for us to find activities or sports that will keep my 8 year old son with adhd engaged, but the staff and coaches at Utopia have been great with him since we started. It's nice to find a place for Gunnar where he always feels welcomed, and also manages to stay pretty focused. It makes me smile when Coach Vern asks him what the best part of his day was and his response is jiu-jitsu :)

Brock Wudtke
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Great place for Jiu Jitsu! Started back up here after moving and feel at home already! Good learning style , different than what I’m use to but feel like I’m learning more. A lot of higher ranks on mat here daily, which is great compared to most other gyms.

James Hardin
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Wonderful atmosphere. Each day has a different class format and all are incredible. Each instructor seems to be incredibly knowledgeable, not just with the art, but with teaching itself. Great place to train

Julie Nicholson
via Google

Utopia offers classes for children unlike anywhere else. The coaches make genuine connections with each child while instilling a strong sense of discipline. Each class is structured appropriately to hold the child’s attention and keep them having fun with every new lesson

Katie Weber
via Google

My daughter took an immediate interest in BJJ after attending a birthday party, and has maintained that interest and enthusiasm over this past month. Along with building confidence and focus, I hope for her to gain more body awareness, learn what she’s capable of doing, and build stamina. From my experience so far with Neutral Ground, I feel confident that this program and the staff (who are absolutely incredible with these kids), will help her accomplish these important goals.

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